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    Our surroundings

    The municipality of La Aldea de San Nicolás is a large natural area located to the west of the island of Gran Canaria. It is the third largest municipality, covering some 139 square kilometres, and stretches from the coast all the way up to the interior, reaching a maximum altitude at Montaña de Los Hornos (Inagua), standing 1,440 metres above sea level.

    La Aldea de San Nicolás is bordered to the north and east by cliffs and ravines, and stretches from north to south along a rugged strip of coastline for 33 kilometres. It is a considerably uneven, high, rocky coastline, dotted with beaches and small coves located at the mouths of ravines of gorges.

    This beautiful setting is the result of a long and fascinating volcanic process that, following approximately 14 million years of eruptions and climatic changes, has created an open air museum that exhibits a spectacular diversity of materials and geological formations. It is a beautiful geomorphological landscape of extraordinary scientific interest, as it is located in the oldest part of the island.

    La Aldea de San Nicolás’ most valuable treasure is undoubtedly its beautiful natural surroundings together with its rich biodiversity, an integral part of which are the local residents and visitors. Closely linked to this heritage is the history of all the people who have lived here, presumably for more than 1,500 years, who have developed a truly spectacular culture over time.

    Protection figures

    de la Reserva de la Biosfera de Gran Canaria

    The entire municipality is part of the Gran Canaria Biosphere Reserve and practically all of its surface area falls within the Red Natura 2000 network in the categories of Special Preservation Area (ZEC in Spanish) and Special Bird Protection Area (ZEPA in Spanish).

    Within the Canary Network of Natural Spaces we can find the Tamadaba Natural Park, the Nublo Rural Park, the Inagua Integral Natural Reserve and the Guguy Special Natural Reserve.

    Our municipality boasts many important areas included in the RED Natura 2000: ZEC Sebadales de Guguy, ZEPA Coastal Strip of Mogán-La Aldea, ZEC and ZEPA Tamadaba, ZEC El Nublo II, ZEC Guguy and ZEC and ZEPA Inagua, Ojeda and Pajonales.

    In addition, the whole of the municipality’s strip of coastline falls within the Area of Special Importance for marine birds (IBA marina in Spanish).


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