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    The western side of Gran Canaria is the least populated part of the island, and this is reflected in the exceptional quality of its skies, giving visitors the chance to learn about and enjoy a natural environment that has always fascinated mankind.

    The skies over La Aldea de San Nicolás stand out for their great quality from an astronomical point of view, proof of which is the fact it falls within the area of Gran Canaria that has been declared a Starlight Tourist Destination by the Starlight Foundation, thanks to the quality of its skies and its great potential for developing astrotourism activities and the dissemmination of astronomy.

    As the Certificate explains, the Starlight Tourist Destination is a place that can be visited, as it enjoys exceptional conditions for stargazing and, as it is protected from light pollution, it is especially apt for developing tourist activity based on the sky as a natural resource.

    There are a wide variety of astronomical events that go on throughout the year and there are many people who are interested in coming to them. The most common phenomena are meteor showers, shooting comets, planets, stars, constellations, nebulas and galaxies, all of which are of special interest to stargazing enthusiasts.

    All this beauty is captured by a multitude of astro-photographers who use highly advanced equipment as they move around the planet in search of the most spectacular settings from outer space, with both visitors and locals finding in La Aldea a top destination to satisfy their love for stargazing.

    Stargazing at this location will therefore provide a memorable experience that will feed your curiosity and enhance your knowledge of the environment we live in. You can partake in this activity on your own or in the company of expert astronomic professionals who will enrich your visit to the area.


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