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    Beaches of La Aldea de San Nicolás

    The municipality of La Aldea de San Nicolás, on the western side of Gran Canaria, covers a strip of coastline of about 33 kilometres, making it possibly the least populated coast on the island, featuring a string of stunning cliffs that run from Agaete down to Mogán. The west coast of Gran Canaria offers an accurate reflection of the island’s geological history, which stretches back some 15 million years.

    The municipality has four main beaches: Playa de La Aldea, Playa de Guguy, Playa de Tasartico and Playa de Tasarte. The beaches boast one of the finest climates in the Canary Islands, from where visitors can enjoy some truly spectacular sunsets.

    Playa de La Aldea

    Playa de la Aldea is a pebble beach, with crystal clear water, and is divided into two areas: Las Barquillas, the more spacious one, which has a solarium for sunbathing and showers, and “La Caletilla”, a sand and stone beach which is reached by means of a small, welcoming tunnel through the rock, from where the little port is visible, popularly known as “El Muelle”, a bathing area used regularly by locals, which has a special charm.

    Further north is Playa del Puerto; it is a meeting place for local families and foreign visitors looking for some peace and quiet. This tiny cove offers black sand and crystal clear water.

    Playa de La Aldea has some outstanding places including El Roque – where the hermitage built by Mallorcan friars once stood, La Marciega Wetlands, El Charco, Rubén Díaz Park and the old rum distillery.

    Playa de La Aldea also has a good number of bars and restaurants for visitors to enjoy some fresh fish and fine home made cooking.

    Playa de Guguy

    Guguy is set within the “Güigüi Special Natural Reserve”, one of the most remote and inaccessible parts of the island of Gran Canaria. It is surrounded by crenellations that reach nearly 1,000 metres altitude, meaning that its beaches can only be accessed by boat or along footpaths. The walk from Tasartico will take about two hours, and is tough due to the climbs and the heat, but the route is well worth it. The scenery looks like it has been taken right out of a Wild West film.

    Guguy is made up of two beaches: La Chica and La Grande, both of which are virgin beaches with crystal clear waters. Depending on the time of year it is a pebble beach, and in the summer it becomes sandy and pebbly, with calmer, less threatening and violent currents, which offer quiet and comfortable bathing conditions.

    When the tide is out, access can be easily made as far as Playa de Guguy Chico. It is important to choose the day carefully and to control the tide, as if it rises, you could get cut off.

    Playa de Tasartico

    Playa de Tasartico is situated in the district of the same name, Tasartico, some 20 km from La Aldea de San Nicolás.

    It is a rocky beach and is less than half a kilometre long, with clear water, and can be reached by walking along a dirt track of about 7 km.

    There is a campsite alongside the beach, but there are no local amenities.

    Playa de Tasarte

    Playa de Tasarte is located in the neighbourhood of the same name, Tasarte, around 20 km from the centre of town. It is an unspoilt pebble beach, with crystal clear waters and a wonderful climate.

    There is a restaurant on the beach front, whose special dish is “octopus ropavieja”.


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