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As travellers approach La Aldea de San Nicolás along one of its three access routes, their experience will be a truly magical one: from the north the town is approached over stunning cliffs with beautiful natural balconies, from the summit they will descend down steep and narrow gorges, and from the south they will discover all the secrets of its untamed natural surroundings. This will take a while because they will feel the urge to pull over and savour every stopping place along the way.

The municipality of La Aldea is a peaceful haven, a place to discover an array of stunning landscapes that come into view along its roads and around every corner. Night time offers unique, clear skies, while during the day visitors are invited to learn about the customs and traditions of the friendly, welcoming locals.

Imagen ilustrativa de un cuervo.
Imagen del centro del pueblo de La Aldea
Foto nocturna de la playa de La Aldea
Foto de sendero en La Aldea
Foto de una joven en prueba de orientación
Foto de una playa de La Aldea

La Aldea de San Nicolás is located to the west of the island of Gran Canaria and is the third largest municipality, covering some 139 square kilometres. It stretches from the coast all the way up to the interior, reaching a maximum altitude at Montaña de Los Hornos (Inagua), standing 1,440 metres above sea level.

La Aldea de San Nicolás is bordered to the north and east by cliffs and ravines, and stretches from north to south along a rugged strip of coastline for 33 kilometres. It is a considerably uneven, high, rocky coastline, dotted with beaches and small coves located at the mouths of ravines of gorges.

This volcanic formation has undergone erosion through to today. It is a highly beautiful geomorphological landscape and is of extraordinary scientific interest, as it is situated in the oldest part of the island.