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    Permanent Orienteering Circuit

    La Aldea de San Nicolás has its first permanent orienteering circuit, making it the third municipality in Gran Canaria to offer this educational, tourist and sporting activity.

    The permanent circuit is made up of 40 different points, each with their own QR code containing information relating to each resource, spread over a wide area of the valley of La Aldea: from Parque de La Ladera, Los Cardones, Almacén de Los Picos and the area around Los Cascajos.

    The aim of this initiative is to offer a system to visitors and locals so they can learn about relevant places in an active way, by means of a map and by following a series of marker posts with QR codes on them, providing all the information about the place in which they are located.

    This specific information enables users to partake in sports training, or offers them educational or tourist resources.

    Maps can be obtained from the town’s Local Development Agency and the Tourist Information Office, and can also be downloaded from the municipal website.

    Download maps

    Map 1

    Short distance

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    Map 2

    Middle distance

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    Map 3

    Long distance

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