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    Tourism and Nature

    La Aldea de San Nicolás is a municipality on the island of Gran Canaria, and is an idyllic spot for visitors, offering wild beaches, millennial woodland, steep coastal cliffs, breathtaking mountains, deep ravines, extensive plains, great valleys, lush wetlands, beautiful sea beds and a mild climate.

    A paradise on the western side of Gran Canaria where a large variety of unique animals, plants, fungi and micro-organisms live together in harmony, and represent an inseparable part of the island’s history.

    Discover every nook and cranny of this magical and unique location at: laaldeanatural.es.

    Places of natural interest

    Cliffs of Andén Verde
    Tabaibal de La Punta
    Wetlands of La Marciega
    Cardonal de Los Hoyetes
    Palmeral de Pino Gordo
    Almacigal de Artejévez
    Pinar de Inagua
    Macizo de Guguy
    Cañón de Higuera Prieta
    Azulejos de Cueva Nueva
    Andenes de Tasarte


    If you would like to contact us, please use the contact details below.

    • La Aldea Visitor Centre and Tourism Office

      Calle Paseo El Muelle, 140. 35470 La Aldea de San Nicolás

    • 682.22.58.98

    • turismo@aytolaaldea.com